Is Your One Year New Home Warranty About To Expire?

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New construction can have defects that lead to major repairs down the road. Faulty installation or defective materials can be discovered during our One Year Warranty Inspection. These defects are typically covered by your one year new home warranty, saving you thousands of dollars.

You don't have to take our word for it. Check out;

Still not sure if you need a warranty inspection.


We can give you 4 great reasons why you do:


#1- After a year your home has had time to expand, contract, settle, and leak. The changing seasons cause building materials to warp, shrink, and shift which can lead to problems that may go unnoticed.


#2- Contractors are people too and can make mistakes; a home inspection can catch improperly installed materials before serious damaged is caused to your home.


#3- Leaks! A leak in the roof, siding, or basement can cause mold, decay and a huge headache down the road.


#4- Home repairs are expensive; a leaky roof or improperly installed flashing can cost you thousands of dollars. These repairs are typically not covered by your home owner's insurance. Fixing these issues is expensive; avoid major repairs by catching the problem early and getting the builders warranty to pay for it.

What gets inspected



An inspection of the structure will include the visible foundation, floor framing, roof framing and decking, other support and substructure/superstructure components, stairs, ventilation (when applicable), and exposed concrete slabs in garages and habitable areas. This includes attic and crawl space.



An inspection of the exterior includes the visible wall coverings, trim, protective coatings and sealants, windows and doors, attached porches, decks, steps, balconies, handrails, guardrails, carports, eaves, soffits, fascias and visible exterior portions of chimneys.



An inspection of the roof includes, the roof covering materials, gutters and downspout systems, visible flashings, roof vents, skylights and any other roof penetration, and the portions of the chimneys and flues visible from the exterior.


Plumbing System

An inspection of the plumbing system includes visible water supply lines, visible waste/soil and vent lines, fixtures and faucets, domestic hot water system and fuel source.


Electrical System

The inspection of the electrical system includes the service drop through the main panel, subpanels including feeders, branch circuits, connected devices, and lighting fixtures.


Heating System

The inspection of the heating system includes the fuel source, heating equipment, heating distribution, operating controls, flue pipes, chimneys and venting, auxiliary heating units.


Air Conditioning Systems

The inspection of the air conditioning system includes the cooling equipment, cooling distribution equipment and the operating controls.


The inspection of the interior includes the walls, ceilings, floors, windows, and doors, steps, stairways, balconies and railings. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Appliances are checked to see if they will operate.


Insulation and Ventilation

The inspection of the insulation and ventilation includes the type and condition of the insulation and ventilation in viewable unfinished attics and subgrade areas as well as the installed mechanical ventilation systems.


Fireplaces and Stoves

Includes solid fuel and gas fireplaces, stoves, dampers, fireboxes and hearths.



The inspection of the site includes the building perimeter, land grade, and water drainage directly adjacent to the foundation, trees and vegetation that adversely affect the structure, walks, grade steps, driveways, patios, and retaining walls contiguous with the structure


Attached Garages and Carports

The inspection of attached garages and carports includes their framing, siding, roof, doors, windows, and installed electrical/mechanical systems pertaining to the operation of the home.


Unattached Garages

The inspection of unattached garages and carports includes their framing, siding, roof, doors, windows, and installed electrical/mechanical systems pertaining to the operation of the garage.


Mother in Law Unit (Additional Dwelling Unit)

The inspection of every system included above.


The inspection of shop includes their framing, siding, roof, doors, windows, and installed electrical/mechanical systems pertaining to the operation of the shop.


Other items may be inspected by specific request.

What is included in the Warranty Inspection

  • Single Family Home includes house and one garage

  • Townhouse includes interior and one garage

  • Condo includes interior only

  • Mobile Home includes home and one garage

Additional fees are charged for the following items:

Mother in Law Units


Additional Garages